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Collision Avoidance

Add safety and convenience to your vehicle with a backup camera, forward facing camera, blind spot camera and even backup sensors!

Cameras and Monitors

Which combination is right for you and your vehicle?

Backup camera image will display on your monitor when the vehicle is put into reverse gear!

PHD5N1 BnA 01 blank echomaster.jpg

License plate mount cameras are the most common and inexpensive type of reverse camera mount

PHD5N1 BnA 09.jpg

Replacement tailgate handles with built-in cameras are available for many different truck models

Our cameras are extremely versatile and can be mounted in many different locations

PHD5N1 BnA 05.jpg

Hooking up to a gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailer? Or just want to keep an eye on your truck bed? Add a camera to your third brake light!

PHD5N1 BnA 08.jpg

Blind spot cameras are mounted on the side view mirror of your vehicle. The image will populate on your monitor of choice when you use your turn signal!

PHD5N1 Front Facing Camera.jpg

Need an extra set of eyes when you are parking? Add a front view camera and never hit another curb stop!

PCAM-JP2 Upclose.jpeg

Jeep Wrangler camera mounts to the spare tire hub on the tailgate. Adjustable angle mounting options make these work on OEM wheels and most aftermarket wheels

How would you like to view your camera image? Monitors include replacement in-dash multimedia screens, dash mounted monitors and even replacement rear view mirrors

PCAM-JP3 Lifestyle_3.jpg

Prefer not to change your factory radio screen?

Conveniently view your camera feeds with a 4.3”, 7.3" or even 9" rearview mirror with monitor. Some mirrors even include a built-in DVR Dash Camera.

MRC-WSLP5 Lifestyle 4.jpg

Dash mounted monitors are available in 4.3", 5" and 7" sizes. Multiple video inputs allow you to view up to four cameras on one monitor!

a pickup truck backing out of a parking

Parking Sensors help prevent fender benders 

Audible beeps from the speaker increase in frequency as you approach obstacles! Triangulation technology, using the multi-sensor setup, calibrates obstacle detection for improved distance detection, reduced blind spots, and improved obstacle warning.

backup sensor speaker.jpg

HitchScan's patented wireless Tow Hitch Parking Sensor System provides up to 7 feet of coverage behind your Truck, SUV, or Van, without the need for drilling holes or complicated wiring. Using your existing 2" or 1 1/4" trailer hitch receiver and wiring, HitchScan automatically scans behind the vehicle when put in reverse, and alerts the driver inside the vehicle with a audible and visual indicator whenever an object is detected.  The built-in support step supports up to 300 lbs.

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